Aquaculture, Fisheries and Environmental Consultants
Technology & Innovation
Business Development & Planning

  • Biotechnology and tropical aquaculture commercialisation, science-to-business, training delivery and skills development, technology development & innovation
  • Aquaculture Specialists – 30 years experience in hatchery and farming production technology, research & development, industry development, profitability and environmental management
  • Marine and freshwater aquaculture with experience in crustaceans (prawns,crayfish,crabs), finfish (including barramundi), molluscs (pearl oysters, giant clams), sponges, algae and aquatic plants
  • Establishment of major prawn and barramundi farming systems in the Australian aquaculture industry
  • Indigenous aquaculture development in Torres Strait, Northern Australia, Pacific and Indonesia
  • Site feasibility studies, government approvals, project management & environmental monitoring
  • Research and innovation in biotechnology & environmental management – bioremediation and bioactive products in aquaculture
  • Training programs and publications to international standards eg. ‘The Australian Prawn Farming Manual’
  • Technical management of nursery and growout production – training, establishment and improvement of profitable farming systems